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Sources of Hurricane Models Plotted by SFWMD:
Plotted and info here:


Key Codes to modles:
XTRP - Extrapolation using past 12-hr motion (NHC)
TVCN - Consensus of interpolated prior runs of GFS, UKMET, ECMWF, HWRF, & COAMPS models
TVCX - Consensus of interpolated prior runs of GFS, UKMET, ECMWF (x2), & HWRF models
NHC - National Hurricane Center official forecast

TABD - Trajectory And Beta model, deep (NHC)
TABM - Trajectory And Beta model, medium (NHC)
TABS - Trajectory And Beta model, shallow (NHC)
NVGM - NAVy Global Environmental Model (NAVGEM)

HMON - Hurricanes in a Multi-scale Ocean-coupled Non-hydrostatic model (NCEP)
GFDL - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) model using GFS initialization
GFDN - United States Navy version of GFDL model using Navy initialization
HWRF - NOAA Hurricane Weather and Research Forecast (HWRF) model
COTC - NRL COAMPS-TC model (Navy Regional Hurricane Model)

AVNO - NOAA Global Forecast System (GFS) model (formerly known as the AVN/MRF)
AEMN - NOAA GFS Ensemble Mean
APxx - NOAA GFS ensemble members
NAM - North American Mesoscale model

CMC - Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) model
CEMN - Canadian model Ensemble MeaN
UKM - United Kingdom Meteorological Office (UKMET) model (Developmental)
CLP5 - CLImatology-PERsistance (CLIPER) model 5-day (NHC)
NGX - United States Navy Global Atmospheric Prediction System (NOGAPS) model
JGSM - Japanese Global Sprectral Model