Get free ~ NOAA charts and a chart reader

BarometerBob Explains:

DOWNLOAD and unzip Florida charts from NOAA, look for the FL state link. Click, go to bottom of the agreement page and "OK" download, includes Abacos.

Then download Free open source chart reader and point to the directory (....\Downloads\FL_RNCs\BSB_ROOT) where you unzipped the charts to load them.


That's it!
It’s a pretty slick reader. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, but it’s loaded with features and is fast.
In the chart reader you can set your boat position and navigate to marks or make a route.
Gives you bearing and NM distance and estimated ETA at whatever speed you pick.
Just right click and select what you want, properties selection gives you the leg info.
This is a nice tool for trip planning.

Enjoy... BB